At home in tradition & progress

At home in tradition & progress

Expertise & responsibility

Entrepreneurs with competent feeling for the demands of the market

M.Sc. Jörg Weißer and Thomas Weißer are the managing directors of the German messtronik GmbH. Since 2006 they also are owners of the company, which has been handed over to them by their parents. Both managers are directly involved in the daily business.

Both managers are in charge both of the commercial management and management of the production department. Jörg Weißer is responsible for commercial matters and project business. Thomas Weißer is responsible for production matters and therefore permanently involved in the daily business in cooperation with all staff members.

Thus we make sure that long lasting experience and consolidated knowledge of both entrepreneurs are of use to our customers. A direct line to customers is essential for the success of our company. You can trust that the distinctive expertise of both managers in the field of dimensional measurement enginnering will be part of each single order.