Optimising output of production

Optimising output of production

Stable & reproducible stages of manufacturing

Man, material, measuring method, temperature & manufacturing method

You want to evaluate one or several stages of manufacturing of a manufacturing machine in order to find out the level of stability and realiability or to which extent you statistically would have to face rejects or rework.

Our technical equipment includes machines enabling us to measure lowest measurement uncertainties. We are very experienced in the field of analysis of machine capability, as we successfully have conducted numerous acceptance routines e.g. for components of the automotive industry.

Experts of messtronik GmbH are familiar with the concurrence of the 5-M model (man, machine, medium, management, mission). Thus we make sure that the quality of your manufacturing process will be identified precisely.

  • assistance in definition and evaluation of process parameters
  • definition of data Cp, Cpk, Cg or also Cm and Cmk
  • methods of realising analysises of measuring systems - shortly Gage R&R - are availble
  • results can be provided in Excel, ASCII or qs-STAT (Q-DAS format)
  • assistance in generating the required measuring program on the basis of Quindos including installation on site of the production

Benefit from the expertise and experience of a German specialist, resulting from numerous acceptance routines we have conducted for well-known customers!