Programs for perfect measuring

Programs for perfect measuring

Measuring programs for "Quindos" & "Winwerth"

You have the choice: programming by us or knowledge transfer to you

The German messtronik GmbH provides a number of employees, who have been trained for programming measuring programs over a long period of time. We therefore are keeping the best expertise for all requirements:

  • programming with software "Quindos" for all releases
  • programming with software "Winwerth" for various "Werth" measuring machines

We would like to especially emphasize our distingushed experience with measuring gears, special geometrics and large components.

If requested, our services of course can be rendered also at your site, as holiday replacement or as part of a training for your staff.

You will benefit from our expertise combined with "Leitz" measuring machines of all sizes:

  • engine blocks and cylinder heads measured by use of the "Leitz Sirio" machine
  • components of the aircraft industry like turbine blades measured by use of the "Leitz PMM-C" machine, which also offers a rotational axis
  • technical components made of plastic mainly supplied by customers of the pharmaceutical industry measured by use of the "Leitz Reference" machine, which offers a motorised indexing head and X1-h; the "KMG" as contour measurement machine
  • initial sampling of technical components in one setting
  • machines "Leitz PMM-G" and "Leitz PMM-F" for wind energy components; we are very familiar with handling special characteristics of large components
  • test planning as well as measurement and interpretation of the generated data

Rely on the professional experts of messtronik GmbH and contact us in order to discuss your requirements!