Digitisation for your success

Digitisation for your success

Requalification and analysis of point clouds

You have data available - we have methods to finish them

If you are facing challanges in measurement engineering to be solved, messtronik GmbH provides comprehensive knowledge for you:

  • Scan data of various formats like STL or ASCII are available on your side and must be finished for surface reconstruction or reporting.
  • You or one of your suppliers abroad generates measuring data by using a computer tomograph or whitelight scanner.

Tasks like these allow us to finisch the required measured data exactly to the quality you are requesting:

  • You will send your data of unlimited volume to our server.
  • We will start working on your data along the targets you have demanded.
  • The results will be available for you on our server or sent to you by e-mail.

Due to our capabilities there are rather no boundaries are set:

  • data formats like ASCII, STL or others can be handled by us
  • volume data in formats DICOM, REK, RAW or VGL possible
  • CAD interfaces for Step, Iges, VDA, Parasolid or DXF are available

Are you interested? We would be pleased to receive your request in order to start discussing the best solution for you!