Bringing tools to perfection

Bringing tools to perfection

Comparing and creating compensation geometries

For targeted adjustment & improvement of your tools

High quality manufacturing tools are essential for perfect results of the manufacturing process to produce parts as close as possible to the desired goemetry.

The required adjustment of tools is one of the key expertise areas of messtronik GmbH. We can provide profound knowledge of handling e.g. feeder casting tools, casting moulds or pressing tools used by the forming industry. We supply data models to you, which you can use as basis for your tool optimisation.

The combination of 3D measurement and reverse engineering enables you adjusting tools precisely to your quality goals. Our services also include documentation of the current state of the tool situation (reverse engineering) and measurement of deviation to the desired geometry. Based on these two data sets we corrected faces or curve for tool adjustments.

The approach includes three steps:

  • comparison acual against nominal: Each measurement point gets a deviation needle directing normal to the reference model.
  • calculation of compensation geometry: Each deviation needle is mirrored across the reference model. The endpoints of those mirror needles establish a cloud of compensation points.
  • reverse engineering of compensation faces: The clould of compensation points is used to create new faces to be patched into the current.

By using this technology and our modern scanning devices we are able to reduce the number of optimisation iterations resulting in a shorter processing cycle.