Perfectly made precision

Perfectly made precision

High-precision 3D data models

Optimising manufacturing processes and products

The German messtronik GmbH, one of the most recognized test laboratories for industrial measurement engineering, offers the whole range of services conncted to reverse engineering. This also includes generating 3D data models by use of modern and efficient CAD software.

Starting point can be any kind of information like point clouds gained by 3D digitisation of prototypes, points generated by coordinate measuring machines, designs, freehand sketches or even photographic pictures.

3D data models will be the final result of a reverse engineering process, meaning that the development process is made in return pass from a design drawing to engineering data in order to obtain high-precision CAD data models or to finish existing data models.

At this point we would like to widen the spectrum of our services by further offers to you:

  • reverse engineering of small component assemblies with particular focus on functionality
  • transfer of 2D designs to 3D data models

Thus you will obtain new and extraordinarily precise manufacturing data, which will optimize the quality of your products and manufacturing processes.