successful models by messtronik

successful models by messtronik

Dressing and qualification of polygon models

Generation of high-precision STL models by messtronik GmbH

Requirements in the field of generating or qualifying surface and STL models can be matched by the German messtronik GmbH, test laboratory for industrial measurement engineering.

Premium-quality polygons are essential for many programs building up surfaces directly on triangle meshes. Unfortunately raw data generated by scanners (optical or computer tomograph) regularily also show undesirable structures or deviations.

However, components should not contain dismantled contours or broken edges, resulting from a damaged prototype.

We have the neccessary expertise to smooth STL nets and to modify partial ranges - including draft angles and shapes. The target is to have sharp edges and contours.

Benefit from the capabilites of messtronik GmbH and make use of the wide range of services, based on profound expert knowledge we can offer to you!