Fundaments of progress

Fundaments of progress

Requalified components becoming construction fundamental

Indispensable to the automotive & aircraft industry, tool making and shipbuilding

Any reverse engineering process is aiming at results of 3D scans (digitisation) or even of mere construction designs to be finished to CAD models, which  can be used as basis for optimisation of product development or products themselves.

Based on a prototype, a product model or a design, the development back to the fundamentals of the production process (the CAD model) is gone through in order to achieve high-quality manufacturing data from the point clouds or STL data being generated before.

CAD models of the required forms, resulting from the surface reconstruction, will be provided by us - from simple surface models to parametrical models including the entire history allowing you to continue the work.

According to your demands various applications of different accuracy levels become possible:

  • digitisation of all components including saving raw data as backup
  • recovery of the raw data on demand (costs will incur only in case of real demand)
  • virtual store instead of a real store: full digitisation of all means of production including recovery, if demanded as well as reconstruction e.g. by 3D printing

We are your partner both for single components and group of components!