Perfect details

Perfect details

Measuring geometrics with best measurement capability

Feel trust in 30 years of experience and expertise

Measuring complex geometrics or gears is one of the most ambitious challenges in measurement engineering.

Your partner messtronik GmbH provides profound knowledge in this special service based on numerous measurements which we successfully have conducted for customers e.g. working in the aviation or space flight business or producing medical technology.

Using state-of-the-art measuring machines like "Leitz PMM" even most demanding gears or geometrics have been measured with data of best quality resulting. 

Examples of use:

  • gears like spur gears, bevel spur gears, worm gears or chain wheels
  • involute gearwheels
  • enveloping worms
  • crank axles & cam shafts
  • free-form surfaces
  • optical lenses

As part of project contracts with a number of customers we helpfully assist in their measuring demands over months or years. As well we are offering our services in case of test plans to be made or equipment and jigs to be acquired.