Perfect machinery

Perfect machinery

Measuring machines & software for best measuring results

measurement engineering & applications for industrial components

The German specialist company messtronik GmbH uses a state-of-the-art machinery offering a wide range of measuring machines meeting the highest demands. We are steadily expanding and investing in measuring machines in order to make sure that best measuring results will be provided to our customers.

As well a remarkable range of software packages will meet your demands of services in the fields of data analysis, reverse engineering or measuring gears, thus making messtronik GmbH one of the most efficient test laboratories.

  • tactile measuring machines - Gantry CMM
  • tactile measuring machines for fast and miscellaneous measurements
  • high-precision surface profile measurement machines and gearing measurement machines incl. motorised indexing head and/or 4th axis (rotary table)
  • optical / tactile measurement machines - multi-sensor systems
  • computer tomograph
  • whitelight sensor
  • software for data analysis
  • software packages for reverse engineering
  • software for gears

Please find a list showing details of most of our technical equipment here.