Perfect digitisation

Perfect digitisation

Data generation by us - analysis of data by yourself

Point clouds of best quality matching maximum demands

Generating point clouds is one of the most complicated challenges in metrology, demanding both technical knowledge and highly capable measuring machines.

The German specialist company messtronik GmbH is a perfect partner for you:

  • We are operating a computer tomography scanner allowing us to generate best data of your object or component. At messtronik GmbH computer tomography always happens by using up-to-date software.
  • As well we are able to handle multi-material, meaning components made of several material fractions, allowing radiography of up to 15 mm steal. Further materials which can be measured are plastic, ceramic, glass, aluminium, titanium and some more.
  • Large objects and components, which are not suitable to a computer tomograph will be measured by using a whitelight-sensor either at our site or on-spot at your site.

You will receive the data (point clouds, STL) in the required data format, allowing you to fully concentrate on your core business - analysis of the data.

This will guarantee you a safe and reliable access to always up-to-date measuring machines of all sizes neccessary, allowing you to avoid cost-intensive purchase of a computer tomograph, planning personell as well as maintenance efforts. You will benefit from the various advantages of cooperating with one of the most professional providers in measurement engineering.