Perfect routine tests

Perfect routine tests

Process inspection, classification, incoming goods inspection

Precise, short processing time & all kinds of material and shape

Series of components need to be measured precisely - e.g. due to these requirements you might have:

  • output of a production process must be measured and documented
  • errors in engineer standards of some components of a routine test must be traced (classification)
  • incoming goods inspection shall be done following your order

Both technical infrastructure and experience of the messtronik GmbH staff will make sure smooth processing of your measuring order:

  • routine tests of mechanical parts of a size of up to 6x4x3 meters and up to a unit weight of 25 tonnes
  • parallel measurement of different single components with several identical measuring machines resulting in short processing times and daily delivery of required quantities becoming possible
  • complex turning parts or large gears of a diameter of up to 2.000 mm processed with high output of stable quality
  • fast measuring machines with motorised indexing heads as well as high-precision scanning probe heads
  • multi-sensor methods for sizes up to 500x500x300 mm enable us to measure with optical and tactile sensors (examples of use large boards, stamped components like stator or rotor lamination)
  • independant of shape and material as well as non-destructive
  • storing of components available; transport possible up to 10 tonnes available

Messtronk GmH uses latest and high-precision measuring machines. Please find a list of machines available at present here.