Perfect results

Perfect results

Surface and contour measurement engineering

Two-dimensional profiles - including surface roughness measurement on demand

The functional capability of components produced by you substantially depends on the surface quality achieved. Surface testing is targeted on measuring this quality and on optimising it on the basis of the generated measurement data.

In the field of surface measurement technology we are using two surface measurement machines as well as one contour measurement machine. Additionally surface roughness measurement is available, which allows contours to be measured in two directions ("above and below") and to analyse the generated data.

We will measure and graphically document data of radiuses, edges, bevels, geometries in turned parts or milled parts beiing difficultly to access as well as mould partings of plastic components.

Traced profiles of components will be measured

  • ripple: divergencies in a ratio of wavelength to wavedepth of 1,000:1 to 100:1
  • roughness: divergencies in a ratio of 100:1 to 5:1

Out capabilities allow us to measure standard parameters like Ra, Rz, Rmax, percentage contact area and others by applying the traced profile method. A two-dimensional profile of high precision results from the combination of a tentative measurement machine and a linear feed motion.

Profound knowledge and use of a surface testing machine conforming to standards is daily business at messtronik GmbH. We are experienced with the norms DIN EN ISO 16610, which also are part of the DGQ trainings on site at messtronik.