Specific subjects of metrology

Specific subjects of metrology

CT services provided by a centre of excellence in metrology

Measuring components free from destruction or contact

The use of computer tomography enables us to entirely measure all outside and inside structures of a component without destroying it before or without contacting it during the measuring process. This is of advantage e.g. when measuring plug housings with numerous characteristics or when measuring free-form geometries.

Hence it is possible to perfectly digititise also complex components by use of CT (computer tomography). Applying CT measuring methods also substantially saves time: You will receive the results faster as in the past allowing you to quickly decide on the quality of a batch or to reply to complaints.

The German messtronik GmbH has been amoung the first providers of industrial measurement technololgy offering CT (computer tomography) and therefore offers enormous expertise. We are able to digitise gears or micro gear mechanisms and to measure gears according to technical standards using STL data. We are using "Quindos" software with modules "GEAR" and "3D Reshaper".

As well measuring directly in voxel volums became possible by using up-to-date tomographs, which is of advantage in case of multi-material components like plugs containing pin contactors or assemblies like insulin pins. Make benefit from competent experts for measuring your components - also plastic or plastic-metal components.

The range of our services also includes data analysis or reverse engineering of the generated data in order to supply perfect data to you for further processing.

We are running our computer tomographs as extended work benchs, bringing you closer to them and to enable you to purchase own measurement machines in case of appropriate work load.

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