Specific subjects of metrology

Specific subjects of metrology

Prototypes, initial samples or routine tests

professional initial sampling provided by experts in industrial measurement technology

Initial sampling (also: first article inspection or FAI) requires precise measurement results within a short delay:

  • initial samples
  • measuring individual characteristics of a component
  • measuring complex geometries
  • incoming goods inspection
  • mould design or tool compensation
  • machine capability - approval of tools and machines

We are able to provide both know-how and masuring machines in order to meet all requirements in the field of initial sampling:

  • expertise for measurement of plastic components by multi-cavity moulds
  • test reports quickly available due to parallel use of several identical machines
  • high-precision measurement free from material, shape or destruction
  • digitisation by use of computer tomography
  • latest measuring machines including motorised indexing head
  • measuring machines for micro-inspection room including scanning probe heads and rotary table
  • multi-sensor machines
  • automated overnight generating of test reports
  • initial sample test report based on internal quality tests

All inital sample test reports of course meet the usual standards (EMPB test report, VDA report, machine acceptance).

If you preferred first to have an idea of how precise we are able to measure, we of course will be ready to offer a Gage R&R or an analysis of measurement equipment to you. Evaluating possiblel uncertainties of measurement is part of our accreditation according to DIN EN ISO 17025.

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