Specific subjects of metrology

Specific subjects of metrology

CAD models from reversed components

Reverse engineering of industrial components

Reverse Engineering becomes more and more important for product development and optimisisation of production processes, if components are available, but no CAD models. Generating perfect CAD models of these products is the target of reverse engineering.

Starting point of any reverse engineering process is the prototype, model or even plan of the component.

Example of use: You are receiving a manufacturing tool without documentation or you want to optimise a running production process. In these cases you are in need of 3D models. Reverse engineering also is required in case of maintanance or breach of tools, rapidly providing data models which partly can be used directly for production purposes.

The process of development of a component is run in reverse during a reverse engineering process resulting in a CAD model. Point clouds or STL data models of perfect quality are generated during this process.

Our company messtronik GmbH is specialised on all services connected to reverse engineering. Starting with 2 D digitisation of rotary cams long time ago, we now are able to 3D digitise nearly every component.

As result of reverse engineering you will obtain CAD models of the quality you are expecting - from simple surface models to parametric models including full documentation of history. You will receive exactly the data you are requiring for further processing.

Please contact us in order to discuss your special demands on reverse engineering services - for single components as well as for complete assembly groups. We are specialised on combinations of various measuring and digitisation methods. Tactile measuring machines are used as well as computer tomographs and white light scanner.

You will make benefit from our experience made on the occasion of numerous orders by customers from the automotive, aircraft, tool manufacturing or shipbuilding industry.

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