Specific subjects of metrology

Specific subjects of metrology

Multi-sensor coordinate measuring machines

Bridge to a new dimension of industrial measurement technology

Coordinate measurement technology means to measure objects (components) on the basis of their geometric shape in order to convert the generated data to three-dimensional coordinates. Simply spoken: Coordinate measurement technology means creating test reports showing dimension, shape and position of an object.

Aside from the use of coordinate measuring machines operating only one measurement method - e.g. optical or tactile - multi-sensor measuring machines allow to combine all measurement methods available. The speed of measurement processes can be improved remarkably and tests can be made in one clamping. Hence ideal reference system and adjustment always are comparable.

Depending on project volume or complexity of the metrological challenge, either one or several coordinate measurement machines are used in parallel. As well the level of difficulty of the task and the measurement accuracy requested determins the measurement machines needed. Usually "KMG" of the PMM type series by manufacturer "Leitz" can be found in our micro-inspection room.

The development of coordinate measuring machines with integrated tomographs has brought enormous progress to coordinate measurement technology. Tomographs guarantee high quality of the generated data - meaning low uncertainty of measurement - when used as coordinate measurement machine. Now it is possible to entirely measure the inside and outside structures of a component without destroying it. Multi-sensor coordinate measuring machines with integrated tomograph e.g. are used successfully for initial sampling of plastic components.

By use of computer tomography, for the first time the entire measurement of components free from destruction has been realised. Unfortunately not all components are suitable, but technical progress is on the right way more and more allowing multi-material components like plastic components with metal inserts. Multi-spectrum tomography is one of the key words in this respect.

Tomographs like the "Tomoscope" very successfully are used for inital sampling of plastic components or for analysis of component assemblies.

We are using several software products for reporting and test plan setup - e.g. "Quindos" also with "3D Reshaper", "Winwerth", "Polyworks VG Studio" and "Avizo".

Coordinate measurement technology mainly is used for customers from the automotive, aviation, tool manufacturing or consumer goods industry like pharmaceutical articles.

The German messtronik GmbH has been one of the first measurement service providers at all, who have used computer tomography for measurement technology purposes. Our expertise in the field of coordinate measurement technology allow us to professionally meet highest demands of our customers. Coordinate measurement technologies made in Germany.

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