Specific subjects of metrology

Specific subjects of metrology

Wage measuring provided by experts for measurement technology

messtronik GmbH: the whole range of wage measuring

Wage measuring is understood as the whole portfolio of measurement technology services offered by a professional provider of industrial measurement technology:

  • tactile measuring: initial sample tests, single components, routine tests
  • optical measuring: non-contact measurement of sensitive components, single components, routine tests, multi-sensor measuring machines
  • 3D digitising: free-form contours, CAD data models, point clouds, surface reconstruction (reverse engineering)
  • computer tomography: measuring inside and outside structures free from destruction, 3D sectional views, wall thickness analysis, analysis of defects (Lunker), digitising of fitments
  • reverse engineering: generating CAD models from point clouds of measured components
  • test reports: measurement reports, initial sample test reports (conform to VDA), statistics (CPk and CMk analysis)
  • measuring programs: programming of measuring programs for "Quindos" or "Winwerth" e.g. on the occasion of starting own measurement machines
  • staffing: experts of messtronik GmbH will assist you e.g. during a work-up phase of own machinery or during holiday periods
  • trainings & courses: either at your site or in our modern training centre, DGQ courses, CMtrain, Quindos application trainings

The German messtronik GmbH is your provider of all services in and around industrial measurement technology. Make benefit from our deep knowledge in the field of wage measuring.

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