Specific subjects of metrology

Specific subjects of metrology

Point clouds - basis of CAD construction

Generating and finishing point clouds

Point clouds are becoming more and more important for industrial measurement technology - especially as data for measurement engineering, surface reconstruction and tool compensation.

Generating and applying point clouds starts with scanning a component by use of coordinate measurement machines, computer tomographs or 3D laser scanner. The non-organised three-dimensional structur of measured coordinate points - called point cloud - usually is provided as triangle mesh (STL format).

Originally not more than the neccessary parts of a component were measured - e.g. 5 points in order to measure a circle. Optical measurement technology and the use of white light scanners now allows to measure the complete surface. Resolutions meanwhile achieved can be used to evaluate also smallest geometries.

The use of computer tomography also allows to measure the complete component, but including parts and structures not visible. We are using computer tomography for more than 10 years now, which guarantees enormous experience of our experts being availiable for you.

Already in 1998 we started using index arms with laser scanners producing point clouds as basis for our measurement technology. At that time measuring with uncertainties below 0.1 mm havenĀ“t been possible. Today, this modern technology more and more replaces conventional technologies like tactile measurement machines.

We have matched that challenge. Tactile measurement machines still are helpful for calibrating or measuring closest tolerances. The messtronik GmbH uses measurement machines of the "PMM" series by Leitz in this field.

The messtronik GmbH has matched this development very soon and therefore is able to provide long-standing experience and deep knowledge in the field of generating point clouds.

You are planning to use point clouds and to start analysis by use of STL models? We are able to provide measuring data for all kinds of component. Even smallest gearings can be measured by use of an STL model, applying Quindos with 3D reshaper.

As well we are able to work with voxel volumes by use of volume cut of Werth.

Purchasing own measurement machines, which also requires additional training efforts, usually is not profitable for manufacturers of components. We can provide both equipment and skilled experts. You can benefit from this potential by sending us your component. Point clouds will be generated within three days and made ready for download on our server.

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