Specific subjects of metrology

Specific subjects of metrology

We are generating voxel data for further work steps!

Raw data for your analysis and measuring work

Voxel is a term which contains two technical terms used in computer tomography in the field of industrial measurement technology: "volumetric" and "pixel".

Voxel means the position of a measuring point in a three-dimensional reference system - e.g. in a voxel mesh. The position of each single voxel indirectly results from its reference to all remaining measuring points (voxel) in the mesh. Hence the whole volume measured during the tomography is specified.

Resolutions obtained depend on the number of pixel of the detector as well as the size of the component. The smaller the component, the higher the resolution. The German messtronik GmbH is able to e.g. resolve components with edge length of 10 mm to voxel of 0,01 mm. The volume of data resulting is defined by the number of voxel - small cubes describing the volume. Basically we are able to measure components from 3 mm diameter to 150 mm, resulting in voxel volumes from 0,003 to 0,15 mm. Bigger components will be measured by white light scanner.

Our messtronik GmbH has been amoung the first providers in industrial measurement technology using computer tomography and therefore can offer enormous experience in the field of generating voxel data.

We are using lates measuring machines by "Werth" in computer tomography and generate or handle voxel data by use of software programs "Winwerth", "VG Studio Max" (Volume Graphics) and "Avizo Fire".

Make benefit of being supported by measuring services of our messtronik GmbH experts. Running own computer tomography is very expensive and needs experienced staff as well to make sure that machines are used efficiently. Addionally life time cycle of measuring machines is rather short, often only 5 years.

Our recommendation: You will concentrate on your know-how, your components and applications. Digitation is our job. We will supply RAW data, picture batches, voxel data in formats VGL or REK (Fraunhofer) or will extract STLĀ“s of measured components. As well we would be happy to deal with reporting, 3D measurement technology. Analysis of porosity can be offered as well.

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